Responsible Gambling

This section discusses the casino’s responsibility when it comes to online gambling, particularly in relation to problem gambling and underage gambling. In other words, it discusses the risks of online gambling to those who are most vulnerable. It is important to be aware of how the casino combats problem gambling and gambling by those who are at risk. The casino is required to adhere to these codes of conduct in order to retain their gambling license and it is worth understanding what they are. You may find details regarding problem gambling, underage gambling, fair gaming, the randomness of games, safety of personal information, secure gaming, accurate and prompt payouts, ethical marketing and policies for fraudulent or criminal behaviour. The player also needs to be aware of the potential pitfalls of online gambling and reading the Responsible Gambling page of the online casino will introduce you to this. All of the casinos recommended by us for our South African players adhere strictly to the concept and implementation of responsible gambling to help provide a afe gaming environment for our players.


The casino will stipulate the age that it is legal for players to join the casino. This will be a minimum of 18, but make sure to check your jurisdiction for the legal age of gambling in your country of residence. The casino should list steps you can take to prevent underage gambling of minors using your computer and it is worthwhile to read these and implement them to protect minors around you. The casino may even list parental controls you can use.

Controlling Your Gambling

In the Responsible Gambling section of the casino it should list steps that you can take to control your own gambling and ensure you do not become a problem gambler. This will include points such as never gambling to win, but rather for its entertainment value; expecting to lose and treating your losses as the cost of entertainment; setting time limits for your gambling sessions; creating a gambling budget and sticking to it; never borrowing money to gamble and never using gambling as an emotional escape. There are many other points to consider, but this section of the casino will bring your attention to a few of them. The casino will also point out ways you will be able to recognize if your gambling is becoming a problem and where you can turn if necesary.

Setting Special Limits

A point that many people do not know exists is the ability to set special limits on your account. You can set gaming session, daily, weekly or monthly limits via the support team. You may be able to set deposit limits, loss limits, bet limits and session limits (which can be set for periods of between 10 minutes and 120 minutes). If you request to change any of these limits, the casino may investigate with case by case reviews. You may also be able to set a Cooling Off and Time Out Period or a Self-Exclusion limit.