Privacy Policy and Disclaimers

Whenever you sign up for an online site, including an online casino, you will need to share some personal information with the site; however before you begin playing at an online casino you need to consider its safety and security. One way to ensure that a casino is safe is to inspect its privacy policy. The privacy policy dictates how the casino will deal with your personal information. It is important to read through this and to understand it and ensure that it meets high standards of safety before you share any information.

What the Privacy Policy Includes

A privacy policy will include information about how the casino deal with your sensitive private information. The privacy policy should state that the information the casino collects will be used exclusively for creating and managing your online casino account. The information can be used by the player to access the casino and to make transactions into and out of their casino account. The privacy policy must state that the casino will not share nor sell any of your personal information with a third party. It will clearly state any exceptions to this, such as sharing your personal information with payment settlement service providers or financial institutions for the purposes of completing transaction that are related to your gambling at the casino. Other exceptions may include some related third party services that the casino deems may interest you. This section should also discuss the marketing emails you will be sent by the casino.


The privacy policy of the casino should deal with how the casino uses cookies and how it treats them. It is important that the privacy policy clearly states that you are not obligated to accept cookies from the casino, but may also indicate that they are not obligated to provide access to certain content unless you accept them.


The privacy policy will also discuss how the casino will deal with minors in terms of their right to access and verify any personal information that players submit in order to ensure that minors do not attempt to present themselves as over the legal limit for gambling in their jurisdiction.


It is important to understand that playing at an online casino involves some risk. Because of this the casino has disclaimers. The disclaimers includes the rights that may or may not be enforced by a legal entity. These disclaimers will specify warnings to players about the risks involved in gambling. As part of this, the casino will state that they will not guarantee any wins and bear no responsibility for the loss of funds if a player loses while gambling. The casino places the responsibility of gambling solely on the player. This includes the responsibility for ensuring that online gambling is legal in the player’s country of residence. The player must read the terms and conditions of the casino and agree to them before beginning to play and agreeing to these terms and conditions is an indication that they have been read, understood and acknowledged.